The Gravy Train is Heading Towards a Wall and You Need to Figure Out How to Replace That Unstable Income. Now.

How loan officers just like you are increasing their purchase business pipeline 323% in 14 days without chasing deadbeat agents, running ads, or buying leads 

Not All Real Estate Agents Are Created Equally

Of the countless licensed agents in your market only a small percentage are worth pursuing, most will suck the ever living life out of you.

The difficulty is, on the surface, it's hard to tell the difference.

But it’s not your fault.

Knowing where to invest your time and dollars is what turns PRETENDERS into BOSSES.

Meet the Playbook, a directory… custom assembled for you. Weed out the wannabes and posers and deliver a curated collection of top agents worthy of your effort.

And we back it up with their actual sales statics, real-world reviews and even their social media profiles.

    Why Most Agent Lists Suck

    Don't get fooled by hucksters and their real estate agent email lists. Most are crap and here's just a few of the problems:

    • You watch your hard earned money spiral down the drain as the wrong agents take advantage of your generosity
    • Limited information on clunky, practically unusable spreadsheets
    • Crusty old data from who-knows-when
    • Unfiltered and unvetted emails that will ‘bounce’ and get you blacklisted and banned

      The Playbook: Your honest-to-goodness, hold-it-in-your-hands, printed-on-paper, secret weapon

      (This Should Be Illegal!)

      This is the unfair solution for turning local real estate agents that are pumping out desirable business into cozy, long-term referral sources.

      • Operate with a precise scalpel instead of the dull chainsaw
      • Real historic metrics don’t lie and agents can’t buy their way into these directories
      • Finally. Smooth and predictable results without chasing deadbeat agents, running costly ads, or buying crappy leads.

        Still competing with every other LO for the same recycled agents?

        If you're responsible for generating cash in the bank for your family or business, this is for you.

        Learn who the low-profile, high-producing work horses are and build low maintenance long-term referring relationships with them.

        The best part is there is almost no competition because until now, knowing where to find these Unicorns was tricky.

        Here's the problem - lots of agents are great people; outgoing, friendly, eager to help - but knowing which ones to invest time and energy into - is hard. Revenue is one thing, but profitability is where it’s at. You know this and the Playbook makes profit, gomer-easy.

        Imagine having the treasure map

        It’s like ethical cheating. Instead of turning over every stone every day for the rest of… well… forever, use the guide that shows you where riches are.

        Like any map, it takes painstaking effort to create but makes the journey for those following it - a breeze. The hard work is already done, and you are the beneficiary.

        It's that simple. This is your new secret weapon.


        This Is What You Get

        But wait... there's more...

        and you're not going to want to miss this...

          Facebook Custom Audience

          You have probably done some Facebook ads to get clients but what about running targeted ads for agents? But not ALL agents… that would be a waste of money. Only run ads to target the agents that meet Playbook level status so you make your money COUNT… and we just made it super easy.

          In a nutshell, this trick will match up real estate agents in your Playbook with their active, personal Facebook page. Like magic, those matches become your highly customized audience and you can run ad campaigns directly engaging only the best agents.

          You will receive a special Facebook Custom Audience file already pre-formatted and ready to send directly to Facebook.

          This tool makes it easy to setup and is like a laser targeting your best possible referral sources.

            You Get The Data File Too!

            We call this Playbook+

            We combine all 3 directories into one, simple to use, EXCEL file. Playbook+ includes additional marketing data beyond the published Playbook to maximize your market domination strategy.

            Many records include social media profiles like LinkedIn - Facebook - Twitter and even their possible blogs, websites, additional languages spoken and up to 3 phone numbers & 3 emails.


            There is an easy way and a hard way.

            The Playbook serves up the easy way.

            You can’t help but land quality, producing agents
            and stack them up like firewood.

            Playbook 1-Year Bundle
            Save $200
            • Printed Agent Playbook (2x)
            • Playbook Gold List (2x)
            • Playbook Hot List (2x)
            • Facebook Custom Audience File (2x)
            • Curated Marketing Data File (2x)
            Reserve Mine
            The Whole Enchilada
            Save $1900
            • Everything in the 2-Year Plan PLUS
            • VA Blueprint
            • Sharables
            • Bonuses (see below)
            Reserve Mine
            Rising Star
            Receive A New Completely-Updated
            Playbook - Hot List - Gold List
            Every 6 Months
            Data Nerd
            Playbook+ Data File Only
            Receive A New Completely-Updated
            Data File Every 6 Months

            We've Got Your Back

            If you’re a schlub… if you buy production tools and never remove the cellophane, don’t buy this.

            If you’re ready to implement something that has worked for others, if you are ready to live the life of your dreams and are willing to put in the work, this is our guarantee to you…

            …after 60 days of honest implementation*, if you have not markedly improved your business trajectory or results, we will refund you 110% of your investment and the bonuses remain yours to keep.

            YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  We are so confident, we will give you back MORE than you invested.

            This is for you if you want honest accountability and just follow the road map in the Getting Started Guide that comes with your order. Just connect-the-dots.


            Bonuses for Buyers of the 'Whole Enchilada'


            It's As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

            • 1

              "Drop Your Pin" - Choose Your Market

              The most common market area is to include agents within 20 miles of your location. Just draw a big circle and we will give you everything inside. It's that easy.

            • 2

              Include Only The Cream of the Crop Agents

              This is where the rubber meets the road. First up on the chopping block are agents who talk a good game, but their numbers don't back it up.

            • 3

              Join the Community and Schedule Your Implementation Call

              Custom creations take a little time and this Playbook is 100% just for you. We are updating all your market's information so you have the most accurate, most up to date info to win in a big way. Give us a few days to pull it all together.


            Frequently Asked Questions

            • q-iconHow many agents can I expect?

              Depends on the market area, and min number of transactions you choose. Here are some examples:

            • q-iconAre all licensed agents included?

              We know a thing or two about agents. Nationally, we are currently tracking the performance of over two million licensed real estate agents. 

              Many agents you may think are pursuit-worthy… aren’t.  In fact, 72% of agents do not qualify for inclusion in any of our publications!


            My Dad Always Told Me...

            Excerpt from Tom's speech at Harvard Business School

            I want to thank the entrepreneurship students of Harvard Business School for inviting me today, because from the youngest age my Dad always told me “You can never make any money working for someone else, you need to work for yourself”.

            Even though he (my father) didn’t, he was a computer programmer for Grumman Data Systems, and even back in the 1970’s we had computers in our home and I was learning to write code.

            But he would always say, “You can never make any money working for someone else, you need to work for yourself”.

            That’s probably the reason why I did my first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 14, I had a paper route.

            And I remember it was a cold January day in Smithtown on Long Island, I was delivering papers on my bike, and all of a sudden a car come flying up behind me, doesn’t see me and BOOM! Hits me, I go flying up over the car's windshield, flew about 100 feet in the air, and landed on the other side of the road.

            And so, you can say, my first entrepreneurial venture ended in a puddle of blood, literally.

            I wake up in the hospital, in the next bed, in the hospital room is a guy who is there for a hemorrhoid operation.

            We start talking as you do when you have nothing else to do but recuperate in the hospital, and sure enough, the guy says that he is going to auto body repair school, and he’s doing it because he wants to have his own auto body shop, because, “You can never make any money working for someone else, you need to work for yourself”.

            He said it. And so this theme kept coming back over and over in my life, and as all of us entrepreneurs know, the entrepreneurial battlefield is bloody.

            That’s entrepreneurship, you can’t win every time.

            You’re going to spend money on advertising, and it’s not going to work.

            You’re going to spend money on equipment, and it’s not going to perform the way you expect it to.

            You’re going to chase the latest tools, hacks and tactics and they are going to fall short.

            You will get bloody, but you have to keep getting back up.

            Sometimes that blood comes in the form of missed opportunities, lost money and, wasted time. And nothing can be more frustrating than all of that combined into one.

            But don't get caught up in the hype. Choose your advisors wisely and invest in the best tools you can afford.

            Playbook 1-Year Bundle
            Save $200
            • Printed Agent Playbook (2x)
            • Playbook Gold List (2x)
            • Playbook Hot List (2x)
            • Facebook Custom Audience File (2x)
            • Curated Marketing Data File (2x)
            Reserve Mine
            The Whole Enchilada
            Save $1900
            • Everything in the 2-Year Plan PLUS
            • VA Blueprint
            • Sharables
            • VIP Bonuses
            Reserve Mine

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