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A Walk Down Memory Lane

In 1976 America was celebrating our country’s Bicentennial and it was a big deal. National pride was high and American flags were everywhere.

It was also the year we had our first computer!

My father was a talented COBOL and FORTRAN programmer for Grumman Data Systems and he installed a terminal computer in our kitchen. Look at this photo of me in 1977, you can see the golden phone line stretched to the acoustic coupler on the back of this machine. The computer table had to be set up right by the telephone because our phone cord was short.

To connect we dialed the data-center phone number using our old rotary dial wall phone and waited to hear the tones – then shoved the receiver into the coupler and waited for the computer to connect.


Here’s the Texas Instruments ad for our machine:



Next came a Commodore computer. It was a truly groundbreaking machine with six color graphics and tape-based storage which was later upgraded to 5.25 inch floppies. Memory was a staggering 64K and our NTSC display stretched to a truly impressive 280 x 192, which was then considered high resolution.


My dad is still on the cutting edge of all things technology and is my #1 consultant for all new (and sometimes crazy) ideas.